GATINEAU, QUEBEC – Nouveau Monde Mining Enterprises Inc.(“Nouveau Monde“) is pleased to announce results from the first scoping-level metallurgical test for the Hotel block, Matawinie graphite property. One 10 kg sample collected alongside samples from trench TR02 (see September 23rd2014 press release for details) was submitted to SGS laboratories in Lakefield, Ontario, with the goal of generating a graphite concentrate by means of flotation, and thereby assessing the metallurgical response of the ore to the typical crushing, grinding and flotation processes employed in the industry. A parallel objective was the characterization of the concentrate in regards to carbon grade and recovery, as well as graphite flake size distribution. No thermal or chemical purification was carried out on the flotation concentrate.


The calculated carbon head grade for the sample was 7.0% Ct. The scoping-level flotation test upgraded the material into a graphite concentrate grading 96.3% Ct. Size fraction analysis of the final flotation concentrate revealed that 60.3% was composed of large flake graphite (greater than 80 mesh), at an average carbon grade of 98.5% Ct. A total of 30.1% of the final concentrate falls in the Jumbo flake category (greater than 48 mesh), with an average grade of 99.1% Ct. The table below summarizes flake size distribution and carbon grade of the greater than 150 mesh size fraction, which contains 76.8% of the graphite mass at an average grade of 97.9% Ct.

Flake size concentrate % of Weight % Ct1
+32 mesh 5,5 98,4
+48 mesh 24,6 99,3
+65 mesh 21,2 98,4
+80 mesh 9,0 96,9
+100 mesh 7,4 95,8
+150 mesh 9,1 95,4
  Total of 76.8% Average of 97.9%

The chemical analysis used to determine the total carbon content employs combustion of a sample followed by infrared detection on a LECO SC-632 instrument. All reported analytical results have an associated measurement uncertainty based on the expected precision and accuracy relating to the method and sample concentration. Values at 100% should not be treated as pure products without additional impurity testing. The estimated measurement uncertainty for total carbon values greater than 90% Ct is 1.7% (relative) with a resolution of 1 significant figure.

These results were obtained in a single flotation test using typical flotation conditions for a first scoping-level test. Further testing will focus on improving the metallurgical results in terms of concentrate grade and flake size distribution.

“We are very pleased with the metallurgical results announced today,” stated Eric Desaulniers, President & CEO of Nouveau Monde. “The results compares favorably with the top echelon of known graphite projects in terms of flake size distribution and grade of the concentrate. In view of the above and, of the positive trenching results announced earlier in the fall, we are looking forward to advancing the Hotel block to the next development phase at an accelerated rate.”

The technical information in this news release was prepared by Eric Desaulniers, MSc, Géo, president and CEO of Nouveau-Monde and reviewed by Oliver Peters, MSc, P.Eng, MBA, Consulting Metallurgist for SGS and Principal Metallurgist of Metpro Management Inc. Both are qualified persons under National Instrument 43-101.

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