Investing in the Energy Revolution

A green, forward-looking business model that taps into the revolution in electric vehicles, energy storage and consumer electronics, Nouveau Monde is positioned for tomorrow’s commercial landscape.

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Growth Market

» Commercial launch timed to tap into the projected +500% growth in graphite demand in the next decade

» Strategic mineral for economic growth and national security as per European Union, U.S., China and Canada’s declarations

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Sustainability & ESG PROMISE

» Carbon-neutral products through the world’s first all-electric open-pit mine and operations

» Social licence to operate in place thanks to the local community and First Nation support 

» Committed to our people and environment through our zero-harm mindset underpinning all activities

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» Ideally situated to cater to the booming North American and European battery markets, as a green and reliable alternative to China’s controlled supply chain

» Located in Canada, a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction, with access to exceptional infrastructure and affordable hydropower

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Derisked Operation

» North America’s most advanced graphite project with strong near-term cash flows

» Derisked project thanks to operating demonstration plants

» Accelerated commercialisation due to preferential access to major customers

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» Developing an operation that can provide the volumes required to major auto OEMs

» Built-in capacity to increase production and tackle recycling as demand soars

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LEAN Cost structure

» Low-cost producer of high-purity, battery-grade graphite

» Vertically integrated business model to cover the entire value chain for anode material

» Strong project economics

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Expertise & BACKING

» Wealth of expertise from key staff’s unparalleled experience with world-renowned graphite and carbon producers

» Extremely supportive governmental and institutional shareholders who champion project development

» In-house R&D team working with research centres to propel technological breakthroughs

Graphite underpins all lithium-ion batteries powering the electric vehicle and renewable energy storage revolution. As the top choice of manufacturers, natural graphite is set to face EXPONENTIAL GROWTH IN DEMAND.

Source: BloombergNEF, 2020


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The energy revolution driven by both electric vehicles and renewable stationary storage is accelerating. Nouveau Monde is ideally situated to cater to the booming battery markets, as a green and reliable alternative to China’s controlled supply chain. Local, sustainable, and responsible sources are critical to manufacturers and consumers alike.

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